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2012 was a pretty good year, here on 1001 Scribbles; we’ve reached 75 000 hits; we’ve got visitors from around the world; more than 2 000 followers; almost 5 000 comments… Truth being written, I’ve learnt so much from all of you and I’m very happy to share my photographs, and thoughts. That being said, all I can is THANK you all! You’re the best!

This year we had a few Guest Authors who brilliantly shared their knowledge, experiences, opinions, photographs, etc. DarkJade’s amazing film reviews were a huge success; Kerry’s Thursdays Tips are always very interesting and useful and get you’re full attention; Tomasz showed us some of his travel experiences; Morgan shared her Adventures Abroad; Mel Mann helped those of us in need of a new camera (Part 1, Part 2); Sanket shared his India with us all and Carrie her Canada. To all of you I have a very special thanks! Without you none of this would be possible and I’m very honoured to have hosted you as Guest Authors. I hope you’ll keep somehow helping 1001 Scribbles to grow and succeed.

To conclude I’d only like to make something clear: All my photographs are tagged under “Photography” and distributed by countries (Categories) or cities (Destinations) while the pictures on the “I wish…” Category are  found at Google research.

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