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After finishing uni – I fancied a bit of adventure. So as you do I decided to go travelling! My chance to go see a bit more of the world. I was unable to find a friend to go round with so I decided to go on some of the adventurous tours that are offered (there are loads of them around). The first leg and the closet one to home (and the most expensive) was to the USA. Leaving from a shiny terminal 5 in the middle of September I started on my adventure. Sadly I only had my little IXUS so most of the following photos from my travels are what I managed on it.

After the transatlantic flight into JFK and almost as long though US customs, and their friendly demeanour..not I was in New York!

Then after a bit of faffing getting the right bus into New York!

Sadly not for long a whistle stop stop tour and most of these photos are from the bus – one of these is the bottom of the Empire State Building (below). Sadly not as exciting as at the top!

Eventually  I made it to the hotel from this whistle stop tour of New York! Not a good start – but the real adventure starts tomorrow!