An early morning the day started with a trip to the baseball museum – the factory where the Louisville Sluggers are made. Being not form the US this meant absolutely nothing to me. Well what was noticeable was a giant baseball bat outside the factory/museum and a compulsory picture was necessary.

Inside was loads of stuff about about well baseball, and we got a tour around the factory where the guide was rattling of all the names whom I had never heard of who all used their amazing product. Well we all got a little token one at the end – I’ve still got mine and it sitting on the shelf! The were some softball nets with the launcher – so I donned the traditional helmet and the rather large bat and projectiles were catapulted in my general direction rather worryingly quicker then I had anticipated – and this was only on slow! Luckily it wasn’t a complete waste of money and I did mange to hit a few.

We found a large mall with plenty of places to eat then the group split up and I went for a for a further wander round the city with someone else and we came across the Mohammed Ali museum which was fairly interesting (he was born there).

We eventually got back to the campsite and came back for the evening where there seemed to be some sort of rally going on. We found it hilarious as it was fro the start of the US Open and there were shouts of U  S   A! U  S  A! U  S A  ! For what is essentially a golf tournament. A sport that is in the same league of those other well known testosterone adrenaline driven games like darts, snooker and lawn bowls. We marvelled at how over the top it was – especially when the golfers came on cheered as athlete. They looked like middle age men lost if a rock concert, in fact that’s exactly what they were. We ended up going to a club which was nearby and many of the group ended up worse for wear (again) towards the end.

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