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After everyone had packed up and recovered from their hangovers – the next place we headed of to was…yes a distillery!

We made it to the distillery for Maker’s Mark. While not being a bourbon drinker myself I found going round it and learning how its all made fascinating. It helped that the guide was amusing as well. I managed to take quite a few photos – sadly most of it looks like sick in a large bowl, as there were no industrial secrets here (unlike in the Slugger factory).

IMG_6186 IMG_6201 IMG_6198 IMG_6196 IMG_6204 IMG_6207 IMG_6244

Fortunately people in the group didn’t make use of all the free samples (they were just pure alcohol before being put in the casks) and we headed off further south across the border to Tennessee. We then stopped off at the home of country music – Nashville.

IMG_6247 IMG_6257

We stopped off an ate some “healthy” southern food (fried and in batter) and went to a few bars to see people sing karaoke. Me thinks people practise here as they all seem to be auditioning rather then making a fool of themselves. I (foolishly) bought myself a cowboy hat – ironically it says made in China on the inside.

IMG_6270 IMG_6274

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