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Sorry for the lack of postings … real life gets in the way (work) Sad smile

Any way back to the story. In the morning we drove down to Grace Land. Exceedingly expensive to get in – someone is still raking it in apparently!


We even had to take a bus to go across the road from the car park to the house. Inside the house was fairly interesting. BY interesting the decor inside was 60’s furniture in its prime pretty much matching the same way he dressed.

IMG_6473 IMG_6480 IMG_6467

Also we appeared to be the only people in Graceland under the age of 50.

IMG_6468 IMG_6497

We popped back on to the bus and headed off west again

IMG_6507 IMG_6500

After another long drive and lots of winding roads we stopped off at a camp site in Arkansas at the sun was setting to pitch up – in Mena in the Ouachita Mounatains

IMG_6527_stitch (2) IMG_6527_stitch