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I awoke to find these out of focus insects on my tents. We headed back up to the Caverns up the hill where plenty for photo opportunities awaited.

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We ventured down into the caves (this was planned – there are special tourist routes) down into the limestone caves. The caves were huge and the patterns in the rocks were amazing and the pictures don’t do it any justice.

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After travelling deep down to the bowels of the Earth we headed back up (by lift) and back on the road to Santa Fe. We pitched our tents and headed into town, where we got a sneaky little cycle tour round the town.

We then headed into a Mexican restaurant then onto a bar. A guy called Jim Altman/Aldman and his band catted to us – allegedly they are quite well known and have been on the radio in the UK but I didn’t have much luck googling them. Any ideas?


Blurry cam – a bit dark for my little camera

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