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Having arrived the night before at our campsite (it was only me not the rest of the group) got up in the morning and went off to join up with my guide Alan. For a 66 year old who was describing his snowboarding injuries and showing his scars, he rode frightengly fast and made me look old and unfit!

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Despite being hard work a long the sandy bits it was a great experience. Especially going down hill Smile

In the evening I joined back up wit the rest of the group and we went on a Hummer ride.

Great fun with the guides Tom and Aaron who made the hummer bounce up and down on one wheel going up and down gradients that any over 4×4 would struggle on. Lots of funny stories (ad morbid) about how people are stupid especially on Lions Back, and the amount of mangled wrecks which lie at the bottom of the canyon.

IMG_7146 IMG_7182 IMG_7196 IMG_7184 IMG_7169 IMG_7132_stitch IMG_7126

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