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The entire group went drifting on the Colorado river – as in we got into a raft and they pushed us off at one point, and we floated quite rapidly down river. Some of the group jumped off and went for a swim in the freezing river and ended up quite a distance behind the boat; not that the guide was bothered it  seemed like he had smoked something in the morning and couldn’t;t care less if some of his customers disappeared. The rapids were tiny rapids but every somehow got wet.Unfortunately not many pictures here as my camera wasn’t water proof so it didn’t come with me.

IMG_7198 IMG_7203

In the evening we drove down to the Arches national park. We hiked up to the Delicate Arch just as the sun was setting. When one walks acorss the arch during sunset there are plenty of heckles from about 50 selfish photographers all with their tripods set up– a once in a lifetime chance to go closer to it. Unfortunely I was not so lucky and was heckled away on hind site I should have given them the two finger salute as others managed to stand in the arch and get a picture! Any way here are some of my pictures

IMG_7220 IMG_7231 IMG_7221_stitch IMG_7199_stitch IMG_7178_stitch IMG_7238 IMG_7236 IMG_7235 IMG_7246 IMG_7209 IMG_7226