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We packed up from our campsite at Utah and got back on the road where we stopped off at the Hole N’ the Rock.

IMG_7247 IMG_7254

This was probably the oddest collection of well oddities. Random signs objects, trinkets all with their own little history. Here are a few pictures of some of the funny and noticeable ones. There are probably countless more on the web from here.IMG_7269 IMG_7271

We carried on the road west and we stopped off for lunch and for the views of the Valley of the Gods. The views here were breath-taking – the pictures don’t do it any justice.

IMG_7316_stitch IMG_7306_stitch2 IMG_7300_stitch IMG_7286_stitch IMG_7283_stitch IMG_7283_stitch (2)


After lunch we headed back onto the road. Plenty of more photo opportunities, This time the famous Mexican Hat rock formation. As you can see its quite an iconic scene – and it appears in loads of films and programs! Someone is bound to be able to know more but I can remember Forest Gump and it was in Doctor Who as well but I bet someone will be able to name a few more.

IMG_7342 IMG_7343 IMG_7344 IMG_7345

The day wasn’t over yet! On to Navaho Land. The start was Monument Valley. This is as iconic as it gets!

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After taking in the view (and plenty of pictures) we headed off for a tour around the area. Navajo Nation/Land is in fact between 3 different states – and pretty much governs it self.


We were driven around in an open top 4×4 which was driven by out guide Lorenzo. As usual I asked plenty of questions!

IMG_7382 IMG_7375

He showed us around the various Buttes and Mesas – also showed us a baby rattle snake, and some of the notable rock formations. We were also shown some traditional houses (Diné), and saw inside of one of the homes including and old lady weaving.

IMG_7430 IMG_7440 IMG_7426 IMG_7407 IMG_7403

I took so many pictures that it has its own Flickr set! But here are just a few

IMG_7395 IMG_7420 IMG_7401

IMG_7455 IMG_7444 IMG_7464 IMG_7441 IMG_7435

We saw the sunset across the valley and then went back to camp where we ate Navajo Tacos and steak yum yum.

IMG_7491Around The guides lit a fire and we had a demonstration of Navajo dancing and music and a lot about their history and ultimately were encouraged to dance around the fire ourselves. (!) Our Trek Group decided to sleep under the stars. Worst night of sleep ever – it was freezing in the morning.

IMG_7491 IMG_7497 IMG_7500 IMG_7496

See the route and more pics here