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After a freezing night sleep we were back on the road. More beautiful desert scenery as we drove though Arizona. We stopped off an took some photos of the breath taking Glen Canyon Dam and a quick whip around the museum inside.

IMG_7609 IMG_7610 IMG_7608_stitch IMG_7618

We headed back onto the road where we went to Easton – he used to be a trek leader himself but now runs a ranch/horse riding – in fact I don’t; know what he really did as he seemed to spend most of his time drinking and the place was deserted. We all had a go at horse riding. I ended up with an incredibly greedy horse called King – who seemed to eat like one as well. Constantly grabbing shoots on every bush we would pass!

IMG_7620 IMG_7623

In the evening the others were adamant to have an early Halloween fancy dress party – I was pleased that I had a bed with a mattress for the night.

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