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… to visit Milan

“Milan is the engine room of the country’s economy and home of its stock exchange, yet it isn’t driven by tourism.”

Lonely Planet


… visitar Milão

“Milão é o motor da economia italiana e a casa da sua bolsa de valores, contudo não é impulsionada pelo turismo”

Lonely Planet


Ceiling of Giuseppe Verdi's resting place (Casa di Riposo Giuseppe Verdi). The Lemon Bar along canal Naviglio Grande. Art Nouveau facade at Via Malpighi.Statue of da Vinci in front of Palazzo Marino, Piazza della Scala. Tourists viewing spires on roof of Duomo. Motorbike speeding at Autodrome di Monza.Woman sitting in Giardini Pubblici. Soccer fans wearing and waving Italian flags on the Piazza del DuomoSan Lorenzo church and statue, Ticinese quarter.Pinocchio for sale at Ripa di Porta Ticinese market. Detail of statue in courtyrad of Pinacoteca di Brera.Spires of Duomo.

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