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I was woken up in the morning after a windy night by the squeaks of the huge elk.

After having a breakfast we all went don to the down to the  the Kaibab Trail led by a guide who explained about the wildlife (some of the other guys didn’t hand around and just walked all the way down). From what I remember the guide had somewhat unnerving shake in his hands but he seemed fairly fit and cable of leading the group. In true National Park ranger style we had a tour of the history and all the various types of cacti, plants and wildlife on the way down.

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We decided to go a little further after the tour finished. BIG mistake. It is definitely  a lot easier going down then it is up. We got a fair bit down, although it didn’t; actually look like we had gone any where within the canyon, however what goes down must go back up again. On the way back up the clouds finally gave in and the miserable day became even more miserable. Making the climb up cold and wet. The sandy soil became all muddy and this only added to the challenge – hmm never mind doing this in the sun shine its just as difficult in the rain!

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To cap if off back at the campsite it cost $2 for an 8 minute shower! GRRRRR

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In the evening we went to see an IMAX film about the Grand Canyon. Yet again the night was bitterly cold – I was glad I invested in a hat and some woolly gloves.

Have a look here to see the hiking trail and plenty more pictures.

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